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Baked by the sun everytime I go to Mexico...' "Godamn that was intense." Sleeping at the scenic overlook, white tigers, Flying J's (buying me that panty rose), Fandango bar, getting ready in the bathroom of that Exxon right outside of El Paso, the 'run kit', that trip we had to do in seperate cars, thought my heart would break, couldn't stand to be that far away from you, Chevron signs coming out of the fog, sleeping in the car through that blizzard, you so worried about my feet, keeping em warm, "this desert is stupid, they should put a drinking fountain out here," sleeping on your shoulder while you drove, all those rest areas, having to pull over, back of the Jeep Grand Cherokee (or the parking lot the next morning), that big albino snake we always said we were going to buy at the TA (King Cobra!), the trip with the Darvon reaction, you talked me down, talking about astral projecting, driving through the fog, sitting drinking Corona's in your lap in some tiny Mexican bar, telling you that I wouldn't want it any other way, that this was freedom, buying those puppets for the kids, the back of those Mexican pharmacies, Benito and all our 'associates', I can't believe I'm doing this with Vanessa, wandering around where others feared to go, filing your nails while you were driving, Village Inns, That crappy hotel, that Dairy Queen in Van Horn, Texas, with pictures of the Pope on the wall we always stopped at, or that Texaco "Aint got no fucking sink, damndest thing I've ever seen" How so many of our movies had to do with going to Mexico (or having too), like True Romance, Love and a .45,Way of the Gun, Fandango, Thelma and Louise, The Getaway, or From Dusk Til Dawn...The House of Horns Whataburgers, how many times did we stop there? All those stuffed animals, looked like the Bates Motel, never did get to buy you that hat, that wierd Denny's in Big Springs with that deserted hotel next to it,

The hospital stay in El Paso, them telling me I was pregnant, then that I was losing the baby, you were so good the whole time even though it scared you to death, bringing me another card everytime you would leave and come back, fighting to stay by my side, taking such good care of me when I would cry when the other mothers on the maternity ward would have their baby's brought to them and I could hear the babies cry, you'd just hold my hand and whisper that everything was going to be ok, that I didn't need to worry about anything, that you had taken care of anything and everything that I could possibly worry about, helping me walk when we went into Wal-Mart and Olive Garden on the way home (what a great trip home too, you and me the only people in the world), bashing my Dad's head in with that maglite, you saved my life, back to the hospital though, finding a place for us to stay, all that day you were wonderful, I was so weak, and an emotional mess, you took such good care of me in that stupid collar...

Always knew we'd have to become Mexicans some day...I was looking forward to that day baby...

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