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Better Than Ezra

Worn out in Juarez
Asking the dust for change
Worn out in Juarez
A punch drunk assassin
Getting caught in the rain

Driving all the way
From Albuquerque
Living on Funyuns
And beef jerky, yeah

Wearing the ages
Mining the seats for cash
Worn on the edges
Faded like a photo
Left too long on the dash

Busking all the way
From Sarasota
Chasing mini thins
With cherry cola, yeah

It's a dreamlife

Hitching all the way
From Minnesota
Sunflower seeds
In your scotch and soda

It's a dreamlife
Ah, it's a dreamlife

Worn out in Juarez
Worn out in Juarez

This is just too freaky...
Driving all the way from Albuquerque...

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